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Your exterior space is as important as your interior space. Having a functional outdoor space is essential in every home. If you’re considering upgrading your outdoors without breaking the bank, installing a deck is the best option. It will transform your home into a more welcoming and cozy place. Decks also increase the overall appeal of your home and give you a different kind of outdoor experience.

A professionally designed and built deck can combat the harsh weather conditions in Australia and is expected to last for many years with proper maintenance. Hiring experts to build and install your decks is a good investment in the long run. Dealing with broken or damaged decks is stressful. That’s why our team only uses the highest quality of materials for your deck. Over the years, we have been offering a large selection of decking materials that will suit the needs of our customers.

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Advantages of Installing a Deck

Installing decks is a big project that comes with major benefits. If you’ve decided to get a deck, consider the following advantages:

Aesthetic Appeal

Whether your deck has a natural wood or composite finish, decks increase the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Boosts Value of Home

Installing a deck is an affordable way to increase the value of your property. Experts claim that a deck adds more value to your home than adding another bedroom or living room.

Increase in Square Footage

This is what makes decks popular, decks are functional and can be used in any activities like relaxing, cooking, grilling, and eating.


Decks are an excellent place to host parties, barbeques, and get-togethers. This will enable you to utilize your yard space.

Maintaining Your Deck

To ensure that your deck won’t be damaged and will last for many years, you need to observe proper and regular maintenance. Maintaining decks can be time-consuming, so you must also consider that when you’re still deciding on a deck.

Here are some simple guidelines on how we teach proper maintenance to our customers:

  • When cleaning your deck, make sure to move all furniture, but be careful not to drag the furniture because it will leave scratches and can ruin your deck.
  • If you’re using a cleaning detergent, you should test it first in a small area on your deck and check if it will have a negative reaction.
  • Decks should be pressure washed at least twice a year to maintain their original texture and looks.

Why Ipswich Landscaping for Your Decking Project

Decks are a practical addition to your outdoor feature. It can be customised according to your preference and budget. We offer a large selection of designs, textures, and finishes to match the existing landscape of your home. Here at Ipswich Landscaping, we offer excellent and world-class decking services. Our team is well-trained and experienced in designing and building long-lasting decks.

To serve its purpose, decks should be properly installed. With the help of our decking experts, we guarantee to provide sturdy, durable, and long-lasting decks. Your decking project will be smooth and stress-free with us!