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Turf Laying in Ipswich

Are you starting to notice that your lawn is not as fresh as it was before? We also offer re-turfing services to help bring your lawn back to life! We have a large selection of turfs to replace your old lawn. A new and good looking lawn will improve the landscaping of your home. Most homeowners prefer turf laying for convenience rather than wait for at least 6 months just to have a mature lawn.

At Ipswich Landscaping, we offer a wide range of turf options that will perfectly grow in your lawn. Each type of turf grows differently depending on the type of soil you have in your area. That’s why you will be needing the help of our professional landscapers to identify the type of soil in your area and which turf will work for you. Just tell us your preferred grass length, texture, and thickness and we will carefully consider it. From natural grass to artificial grass, we got you covered! Just tell our team your preferences and we guarantee to meet your expectations.

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The Difference Between Natural Grass and Artificial Grass

Here at Ipswich Landscaping, we give you the option to choose from natural grass to artificial grass. Most homeowners can’t decide which one to choose. Both have lots of good benefits but it will still depend on your needs and preferences. To help you determine which type of grass works for you, we will list the benefits of each below.

Natural Grass

There are several types of natural grass and each type grows differently depending on your location and climate. You need to invest your time and effort in maintaining your natural grass. You need to water them at least once or twice a week and make sure to take care of them by applying pesticides, fertilisers, and fungicides. You also need to mow your lawn from time to time to keep it short.

The huge benefit you get from natural grass is the improvement of the air quality in your home. Natural grass breaks down pollutants in the soil. Aside from that, natural grass produces oxygen and improves the quality of soil in your home.

Artificial Grass

No time to maintain or mow your lawn? Maybe artificial grass would work for you! It is made from synthetic fibre that resembles natural grass and can last for 25 years. Although most people tend to say that it looks too fake. However, there are many new types of artificial grass nowadays that don’t look too fake.

What homeowners like about artificial grass is you won’t need to water them from time to time. It’s also more eco-friendly because you won’t need fertilisers, fungicides, and pesticides. There will be less pollution because you won’t need to mow the lawn.

Turf Laying Experts in Ipswich Landscaping

Here at Ipswich Landscaping, our team is highly skilled and experienced in turf laying. We ensure that you will get the best type of turf that will grow in your area. Our team will carefully and accurately install your new turf. We can’t wait to transform your old lawn into a fresh and beautiful lawn!