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Deciding to upgrade your outdoor space is a major decision that will change your whole outdoor experience. There are many ways to improve your outdoor space but the most in-demand outdoor improvements nowadays are by installing patios and pergolas. If you have a non-functional space in your outdoors, you won’t regret having patios and pergolas installed. You won’t have issues anymore in throwing BBQ parties, eating out, and gatherings. Having an additional entertainment space in the comfort of your own home is exciting!

Nothing beats having a perfect place to unwind and forget your stress and problems even for just a minute. The good thing about having patios and pergolas is the return of investment in case you decide to sell your home in the future! Here at Ipswich Landscaping, we have been designing, building, and installing patios and pergolas. If you want your patios and pergolas to last a lifetime, consider working with experienced professionals just like us.

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What Makes Patios and Pergolas Special

Most homeowners want to add an outdoor feature to their homes to make them more appealing and relaxing. Installing a patio and pergola is a huge step in improving your outdoor space. Getting both will give off a warm and welcoming vibe. In the end, you will realize that it’s a good investment because they are multi-functional. Below are some of the reasons why patios and pergolas are the most in-demand outdoor feature:

Boosts Your Property Value

Patios and pergolas turn your unused outdoor space into a functional area. In the long run, your property’s value will increase when you decide to sell it in the future.

Protection from Harsh Elements

Spending time outdoors will be much easier because you will get protected from the sun, rain, or other harsh elements.

Outdoor Entertainment Space

No matter what the weather is, you won’t get worried about having dinner or cooking BBQ outside. Patios and pergolas will keep you and your family protected from harsh elements.

Low Maintenance

The good news is, you don’t need to regularly clean and wash them. The maintenance of your patio and pergola will depend on the material you choose. But, in general, they only require occasional cleaning to maintain their original looks.


A pergola is an open structure, however, you can use curtains to provide privacy during dinner or when hanging out. You can remove the curtain after if you wish.

Why Work with Us?

If you’re looking for reliable and experienced contractions, you’ve come to the right place! Ipswich Landscaping has been serving more than thousands of homeowners in Ipswich. We have a team of highly skilled workers that have been designing, building, and installing quality patios and pergolas. No matter what your preferences, needs, and budget—we can work it out for you!

Our patios and pergolas are personalised as possible. Our team will consider your plan and visions to get the results you’ve been dreaming of! Aside from that, we guarantee that our patios and pergolas are durable and can stand the test of time.