5 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Upscale Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Having a well-maintained and designed front yard can help frame your outdoor areas and upscale their curb appeal. However, organizing and designing a front yard’s landscape may require a lot of planning and work. You have to take into account the design and landscaping that will best compliment the natural terrain and theme of your property. Besides that, you also have to consider the budget and effort you can invest in the project and its long-term maintenance and care.

At Ipswich Landscaping, we understand the landscaping needs and preferences of our customers throughout the city. Whether you have a spacious yard or a simple garden, our expert team can transform it into a stunning oasis. If you are scouring for some landscaping ideas for your front yard, we got you covered. Check out the ways on how you can upscale your home’s curb appeal by making the most of your front yard landscaping.

Use Plant Boxes with Different Heights

Instead of cramping all the space in your front yard by planting various plants alongside each other, why not try using plant boxes? Since plant boxes are available in a range of heights and sizes, you can use them to strategically place plants in your yard. You can purchase plant boxes with different heights and build a tiered level to maximize the space in your area. Through the use of plant boxes, you can have a diverse set of plants and flowers in your front yard without making it look too cramped and crowded.

Add Window Boxes

Don’t have a lot of space in your front yard? Don’t fret because you can still grow plants on window boxes. A window box is a simple and practical landscape feature that can help you add a point of interest to your yard. You can try planting lovely and vibrant flowers such as hydrangeas, petunias and begonias in your window boxes. Aside from the pop of colour these plants can add to your landscape, they are also relatively easy to maintain, no matter where you are in Ipswich.

Reuse an Old Wheelbarrow

If you want a budget-friendly and shabby-chic feature in your yard, try to find an old wheelbarrow in your basement or at yard sales or flea markets. An old wheelbarrow can be a rustic addition to your yard and an excellent place to plant some succulents, marigolds, petunias and dahlias. You can organize the plants based on your preference or just let them grow and spill over the sides of your wheelbarrow. Through this landscape feature, you can add a unique aesthetic to your front yard without taking up too much surface area.

Have Hanging Plants and Flowers

Add a dimension to your front yard and have hanging plants and flowers. You can easily find attractive plant hangers or metal hanging baskets on your local depot. Multiple hanging plants or tiered hanging flowers can effectively create a festive and vibrant appeal to your landscape. You can try planting the classic choices such as geraniums and ivy or opt for vibrant alternatives like marigolds and petunias.

Plant Small Bushes

If you are into minimalist and modern themes, this front yard landscaping idea can be a good option for you. You can try planting small bushes along your walkways or the borders of your lawn. Make sure that there is equal space between the bushes to achieve a seamless look. You can also cut or trim your brushes into spheres or any shape you prefer. After that, cover the soil with pebbles or stones.


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